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#3 fixed C++-11 rebase somebody tirons

We are migrating to C++-11/14. Several aspects of Lemma are not compatible with this. Namely, destructors currently throw exceptions, which is not allowed by default in C++-11. Also, the inclusion of shared_ptr replicates much of the reference counting logic in Lemma. Deciding that it is better to keep with the standards as much as possible, we are offloading this to the standard. Therefore, in the next iteration of Lemma, all pointers will be shared_ptr. This will ease programming, remove the need to call Delete explicitly, and be more familiar to newcomers to Lemma. This branch is used to perform this rebasing.

#2 fixed Eigen built out of order somebody mkass

It appears Eigen is being built after LemmaCore?. On a fresh install, before I had Eigen installed on my machine, compilation terminated before LemmaCore? was built. Upon manual installation of Eigen, compilation proceeded normally.

Eigen is built after LemmaCore? and 'Hello'. A snippet (of a successful build, with Lemma installed on the system manually):

[ 61%] Building CXX object LemmaCore/CMakeFiles/lemmacore.dir/src/UngroundedElectricDipole.cpp.o
[ 62%] Building CXX object LemmaCore/CMakeFiles/lemmacore.dir/src/windowfilter.cpp.o
[ 63%] Building CXX object LemmaCore/CMakeFiles/lemmacore.dir/src/WireAntenna.cpp.o
[ 63%] Linking CXX static library liblemmacore.a
[ 63%] Built target lemmacore
Scanning dependencies of target Hello
[ 64%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/Hello.dir/src/test.cpp.o
[ 65%] Linking CXX executable Hello
[ 65%] Built target Hello
Scanning dependencies of target EIGEN
[ 66%] Creating directories for 'EIGEN'
[ 67%] Performing download step (hg clone) for 'EIGEN'

Compilation is fine if Eigen is already installed though.

OSX El Cap 10.11.3 Lemma Core git: 5c7dffaa3bf94eb7a58ac63b63072e15d2a02285

#1 fixed Dynamic libraries on OSX not functioning somebody mkass

When using shared libraries: BUILD_SHARED_LIBS OFF

compilation with

make install

appears to proceed normally. However, when running any example executable output, the error:

dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/libfem4ellipticpde.dylib
  Referenced from: /usr/local/Lemma/share/FEM4EllipticPDE/./ResampleWithDataset
  Reason: image not found
Trace/BPT trap: 5


CMake version: 3.5.1 Git commit (Lemma master): 5c7dffaa3bf94eb7a58ac63b63072e15d2a02285 Mac OSX: El Capitan 10.11.3

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